Rastafari Equal Rights: Reggae & Social Change Jamaica 50: Constructing A Nation Our People:Other Worlds War… Lest We Forget Barrington Watson


The exhibit introduces the movement and presents many of its proponents, the basic tenets and way of life of believers, a life centered on the liberation of Black people from oppression and white-western values. Why we should regard Africa as homeland and H.I.M. Haile Selassie as Messiah.

Equal Rights: Reggae & Social Change

From the 16th century into the New World, enslaved Africans and their descendants in Jamaica expressed themselves, their spiritually and their desire for redemption through the arts. Reggae continues the expressive tradition of rejecting oppression and validating Afro-Jamaican identity and the demand of equal rights.

War… Lest We Forget

War… Lest We Forget! curated by the Institute of Jamaica, honours those Jamaicans who gave their lives in the two World Wars and those who returned home to share their experiences, rededicating themselves with renewed awareness to the building of a modern Jamaica.