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War was not declared on Jamaica or Jamaicans in 1914. Neither was war declared on the island in 1939. Yet thousands of West Indians volunteered to risk their lives fighting for ‘King and Country’. Their participation had an important impact on the battlefront and led to significant long-term consequences for the post-war United Kingdom and for Jamaica.

Rooted in the memories of those who were there, through their voices, together with images, documents and war memorabilia, this exhibition provide distinct reflections on the impact of World War I and World War II on the lives of Jamaicans and West Indians

World War 2 Veterans:
Lloyd Wint, AC2    Theodore Crooks, AC2    Septimus Thompson    Aston Senior, AC2    Chester Roy Armstrong, AC2    Herman Grant, AC2    A.D. Atkinson, AC2    Headley Jones    Major Victor Beeck O.D; J.P.    Kenneth Smith   
British High Commission    National Library of Jamaica    Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture    Jamaica Military Museum    Royal Airforce Association    Liberty Hall    African Caribbean Institute of Jamaica/JMB    Beryl Chevannes