Jamaica 50: Constructing a Nation

‘Jamaica 50: Constructing a Nation’ explores the beginnings and continuing development of Jamaica as a proud and independent nation. The exhibition is a collaborative effort incorporating specimens, art pieces and artifacts from the National Gallery and the Natural History Museum of Jamaica, as well as input from the ACIJ, all fellow divisions of the Institute of Jamaica. As such, it takes a multidimensional approach to exploring the last fifty years of Jamaican society.

The exhibition has three major sections which feature artifacts that represent the birth of Jamaica becoming an independent nation. The first examines Jamaica’s path to independence. For this we have used various media including: memorabilia, flags, images and audiovisual selections.

In section two, we introduce visitors to a variety of flora and fauna, which reflect the Jamaica’s biodiversity, an essential part of Jamaica’s potential economic development. Featured specimens include selections of dried plants collected over the last fifty years as well as birds and other items selected from the national collection. From there, the exhibition moves on to display the creative spirit of the Jamaican people by displaying selected elements of the visual and performing arts.

‘Jamaica 50: Constructing a Nation’, therefore, celebrates the independence moment in Jamaica’s history and explores a few of the achievements and struggles of the last fifty years.