Video 1: 'Towards Independence'

This video gives an overview of the creation and collapse of the British West Indies Federation. The narrative includes the general objectives of the Caribbean territories involved and the eventual dissolution of this organisation.

National Library of Jamaica, West Indies Federation Collection

Video 2: 'Independence'

This is a depiction of the series of events which culminated in Jamaica’s independence in 1962. It captures the flag raising ceremony and the ensuing patriotism of Jamaicans who were in total support of national sovereignty, autonomy and nationhood.

National Library of Jamaica

Video 3: 'Land of Legend'

This video captures life in Jamaica in the Post Independence era. Emphasis is placed on government policies, the downturn of the economy, an increase in violence and achievements in academia, sports, culture and the arts.

Material taken from: Blood and Fire; Jamaica’s Political History

Jamaica Tourist Board

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Disclaimer: Videos shown in this virtual tour were taken from open access forums such as YouTube and are solely for educational purposes.