Four Seasons in Japan

Four Seasons in Japan
The weather warms and life is once again renewed. Above of all, the famous Cherry tree blossoms (sakura) begin to bloom. The people shake their winter blues off and head outside for outdoor activities, to picnic and experience the sakura. Hina Matsuri is celebrated on the 3rd of March and is considered the beginning of Spring. The Girls’ Day Festival is also known as Momo no sekku, the Peach Festival. Peach flowers are not so striking; however, they bloom earlier than cherry blossoms and anticipate the coming of spring.

Summer in Japan is sometimes hotter than in Jamaica. There are, nonetheless, many summer festivals in many of the country’s shrines and together people perform the ‘Bon Dance’, when ancestral spirits are believed to visit the shrines. There are also many fireworks displays.
Tango no Sekku is celebrated in early Summer, on the 5th of May. The Boys’ Day Festival was originally focused on boys, but is now celebrated by all children. There are many dolls relating to boys in the exhibit.

The weather begins to cool and the leaves turn to red and yellow and start to fall. There are many delicious foods in Autumn, which is the best time to eat fish, rice and fruits. It is also called ‘the season of arts and culture’, when there are an abundance of cultural events, quite similar to Jamaica’s Heritage Month.

Depending on where you are in Japan, it can get quite cold and there can be a lot of snow. The big event in Winter is New Year’s Day. Everyone spends time inside with family and have a special meal together, much like Jamaica’s Christmas Dinner. Children play with traditional Japanese toys, the girls play Battle Paddle, the boys fly Kites and all join in playing board games.
The majority of the Japanese are not Christians, but they celebrate Christmas and Valentine’s Day and other Western influences.

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