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Track Major Battles and German Invasions - Initial Read

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Germany World War II started in 1939 after the German leader Adolf Hitler and his troops invaded Poland. Your troop’s duty is to follow the path of Germany’s invasions, while discovering new territory and information. Bonus points: How many years ago did World War II start? Did you know The capital of Germany is Berlin. b. Germany was the main axis country of WWII. The war was divided into 2 main groups. Axis countries like Germany and allied countries like England. They speak German Can you say ‘Guten tag’ (gooten tahk) that is how you say hello in German. Clue 1: Move your troops to the country Germany first invaded.

Norway The charge of the light brigade

At 4.45 am on 1 September 1939 the German battleship Schleswig-Holstein opened fire on the Polish garrison of the Westerplatte Fort, Danzig (modern-day Gdansk), in what was to become the first military engagement of World War Two. Simultaneously, 62 German divisions supported by 1,300 aircraft commenced the invasion of Poland.

Czech The charge of the light brigade

Austria The charge of the light brigade

Denmark The charge of the light brigade



France When Germany refused to withdraw their troops, France and Britain declared war on September 3, 1939. France could not fight Germany for long and on June 22, 1940 France surrendered to Germany until 1944. Bonus points: How many years did the Germans stay in France? Did you know: The Capital of France is Paris. France was a member of the allied group of countries. They speak French. Can you say ‘Bonjour’ (bon juu) it is the French for hello. Clue 3: To secure more information move to the country below Bulgaria that begins with a G.