About Us

The aim of the Institute of Jamaica’s Virtual Museum is to replicate the functions of an actual “brick and Mortar” museum, in terms of

  • Mounting of Exhibitions
  • Authority on specific information to facilitate research
  • Keeper of Collections / Artefacts
  • Dissemination of information through Outreach/Educational activities
  • Offering the visitor an unique experience in viewing or exploring the exhibition.

Virtual Museum is a repository of Virtual Exhibitions. Virtual Exhibitions are digital replicas of temporary physical exhibitions, that is, exhibitions that will be dismantle within a 3 – 8 months period using audio-visual.

Virtual Exhibitions consists of the following components:

  1. Virtual Tour: panoramic view of the actual space.
  2. Pop-ups (which can comprise of pictures with text, audio or videos)
  3. Audio Summaries (mostly for overview of what the visitor will see or experience in specific spaces)
  4. Curator’s talk/ narrative on specific artefacts, art work or topics featured in the exhibition
  5. Video clips that were included in the actual exhibition.

In 2012, the Virtual Museum was launched and started with three (3) exhibitions – WAR…Less We Forget, Our People Other World and the Barrington Watson: A Retrospective – temporary exhibitions from the Museums of History and Ethnography and the National Gallery of Jamaica.

Each of the seven (7) organizations of the Institute of Jamaica mount temporary exhibitions and at least 80% of these temporary exhibitions will eventually be replicated on the Virtual Museum.